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Press briefing 2017

************************************************************************************   January 2017: PIMEC pays homage to the oldest partners. El PUNT AVUI newspaper . (ARTICLE IN CATALAN). PIMEC GIRONA. PRESS RELEASE. (ARTICLE IN CATALAN).   April 2017: TMCOMAS on the COMBILASER WEBSITE. TMCOMAS disseminated COMBILASER at NAPEC 2017 trade fair. (ARTICLE IN ENGLISH). TMCOMAS disseminated COMBILASER at the INDUSTRIE trade fair of Lyon (France). (ARTICLE …

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Press briefing 2016

May 2016: TMCOMAS article in the magazine “Thermal and surface treatments”. Interempresas. May 2016 Coatings by thermal spray: comparative versus other technologies. (ARTICLE IN SPANISH). June 2016: TMCOMAS with COMBILASER in the Oil & Gas Conference of Bilbao TMCOMAS participates in several European projects, including COMBILASER. Therefore, during the celebration of the Oil & Gas Conference …

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