The technical director of TMCOMAS offers a presentation on plant oil of REPSOL A Coruña

On September 29, Dr. Jaume Nin, TMCOMAS technical director, gave a presentation to workers in the area of ​​maintenance of Repsol Petroleo in A Coruña plant.

During two sessions, Nin addressed technical issues related to surface technologies, thermal spray, laser cladding and babbit bearings, applying them to practical cases like the ones they work daily in the plant of REPSOL.

With this one, it’s the second time that the technical director of TMCOMAS gives a presentation adapted to specific customer needs. The first time was in February 2014 at the facilities of PETRONOR.

For its part, the commercial department also conducted presentations to customers, albeit with a less technical touch.

Through this type of presentation, TMCOMAS seeks to resolve technical questions that may arise among its customers while offering a personalized and specialized service to each of them.

Furthermore, and with the dedication to service that has always characterized us in TMCOMAS, we hope to continue doing this type of presentation whenever the client requires us.

Laser Cladding TMCOMAS

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