The #TMCMenInBlue and its #BlueMovil are ready to succeed in the AUTOS LOCOS of RED BULL

The team of TMCOMAS workers involved in the AUTOS LOCOS of RED BULL that will have place tomorrow in Barcelona, is already ready for the race.

The brave men of #TMCMenInBlue will put on their mechanic suits and will fight in front of the wheel of his #BlueMovil to reach the target and claim victory.

The event will take place in the area of Montjuïc in Barcelona and will begin at 11 am with the paddock opening. The AUTOS LOCOS race will start at 13h after the parade of teams.

From TMCOMAS we wanted to give them our full support and that’s why we will be there with our shirts specially prepared for the occasion.

3, 2, 1 … Ready to win! Go, go, go champions!


The TMCOMAS workers giving their support to the #TMCMenInBlue


The brave team of #TMCMenInBlue with the #BlueMovil

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